Midnight Datura

(N)SFW Voice actress
A mature voice in French or in English
Affordable rates
Reliability and studio quality
Over 10 years of acting experience

Discord: MidnightDatura
Email: daturamidnight[at]gmail[dot]com

Demo Reels

Commission Guide

Want to commission me for your project?
Check out my detailed commission guide!


Haven't been keeping track of all the projects I'm in but my mature mid-low voice has appeared in many animations and video games created by amazing people such as: Nagoonimation, SLAYED.COOM, DesireSFM, FUGTRUP, Gifdoozer, BaronStrap, AgentRedGirl, MaximusJandari, Carnal Instincts, KinkyFridays, AndrealphusGames, Eroniverse, ManorStories and many more!
(I swear one day I'll have all your logos here :P)

Commission Guide

Minimum commission: $15
By commissioning me, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
Payments are processed in USD through PayPal invoices.
Payment is required upfront for first time commissioners.
I reserve the right to modify the rates below and to refuse any commission.

Base price

Base price includes cleaned up audio with basic treatment on the voice on request (noise-reduction, compression, and basic EQ).
I do not have a hiring fee and these prices include PayPal fees and taxes (such as sales tax, VAT...etc.)
Minimum commission: $15

100 words, 10 lines or 1 minute: $35

Animation Dubs / Lip sync:
less than 1 min: $15/15 seconds
After that: $50/min


Sound design
I would rather not take on such time consuming tasks so I can recommend some amazingly talented people.
If you still want me to do it however:

Rush Fee (less than 3 days):
Audio splitting:
+20% of base price
No Post Fee (for private commissions):


- "I am a sound editor and I need to you to voice this 12 seconds animation" = $15
- "I am a Visual Novel developer and would like you to voice these 22 lines for my game" = 22 x 3.5 (price per line) = $77
- "I am a private commissioner and would like you to voice this 232 words script I wrote, and please, let it stay between us." 232 * 0.35 (price per word) = 81.20 + 20 (no post fee) = $101.20

What I won't voice:

  • Underage/Loli/Shota, bestiality, raceplay, snuff

  • Incest, scat (OK if the story contains these elements as long as I don't have to voice them)



Quickie: A Love Story HotelProfessor BelmontOppai Games
Carnal InstinctHavarTeam Carnal Instinct
Lord GoblinDeliaBBBen
Call me a LegendLexy, MeganDECA Games
Slime Girl SmoothiesPlumSchneeritter Studios
Future FragmentsRiley, Polk, YuniFuture Fragments
Galactic Pick-Up ArtistLaeySchneeritter Studios
Daughter of EssenceLeiteIndoorMinotaur
Futa Fix: Dick Dine and DashNyxKupaa Networks
Euryale's gambit (AI generated)Euryaledeepglugs
Dean's Day OutRachelOnagiHanzo
Leap of LoveAlienorAndrealphusGames
Sex or TreatDaturaHotPinkHGames
Spooky MinigameSuccubusSunbathGames
Catching Heat (AI generated)Euryaledeepglugs
Confined with Goddessesall femalesEroniverse
Dominatrix SimulatorExtrasDeviantTech
Shady Lewd KartCinnabunShady Corner
Love and Sex: Second BaseAyesha, Cherie, KiaraAndrealphusGames
Pieces of my HeartAbigail, Madison, AurélieKinkyFridays
Sylvia (FR)ValérieManorStories
Rogue CourierArtiiPinoytoons
Guilty ForceJoannaDark Executor
Reborn in SinCiaraaphrodisia
Sins and NightmaresLuciaDesire Game Studio

Animations (2022)

TitleAnimation/RenderSound edit
in progress...  
Night Elf titfuckNagoonimationNagoonimation
Ivy Valentine POVITAlessioEvilaudio1
First Mate (Miss Fortune)NagoonimationNagoonimation

Animations (2021)

TitleAnimation/RenderSound edit
Widowmaker on the beachCawneilHentAudio
Lady D and her new petNeroupiiNeroupii
WW X CerysAmazonium3Dfethdor
Lara and tentaclesScathachAlter_fethdor
A night with LoonaJizokuArt/leandrodc2696KaliethVA
Midnight X MirukoHIrotakufethdor
Doggy Draeneispluckytamaspluckytama
Raeli titjobSmutworksSmutworks
WW fuck HelaAmazonium3Dfethdor
Ultimate Tournament IntermissionKamadevaSFMKamadevaSFM
G0th InterviewZER0_3DZER0_3D
Bird's Eye ViewrootdrawsAntagonistPUP
Lady D and tiny manthingDatBoiNappanafethdor
Demon MinotaurNeroupiiNeroupii
Demon CentaurNeroupiiNeroupii
Subject A414 (Part 2)JandariMaximusJandariMaximus
Nil POV missionary VRwaeverstanvranimeted
Salem fuckedJicMmdfethdor
Mel facesittingSmutworksSmutworks
LIS: futa ChloeLoligaggerrLoligaggerr
Lara titfuckNagoonimationAudiodude
Lina chokedFennochikAudiodude
Succubus takes care of her masterBaronStrapBaronStrap
WW Scarlet BJAmazonium3Dfethdor
Subject A414JandariMaximusJandariMaximus
Playful DaturaPellenorSFMPellenorSFM
Vivienne fuckedLoliGaggerrLoliGaggerr
Bowsette X Peacheshu_chanfethdor
Jaina and WorgemZMSFMZMSFM
Lewd Daydream (Yuna)Nyakumifethdor
Aunt Cass tries to become a momjustausernamesfmjustausernamesfm
Wonderwoman 3someAmazonium3Dfethdor
Scarlet on topwhalechampionAudiodude
The Mandalorian: AftercareChimeraFortysixChimeraFortysix
Vivienne BJLoliGaggerrLoliGaggerr
Scissoring (Ada)ITAlessioITAlessio
Link's great gift99Benek99Benek
Hilda HJKeycockfethdor
RE: Sex Virus EP2KamadevaSFMKamadevaSFM
Pharah lost a betZMSFMZMSFM
Nun summons demonKeycockfethdor
Salem Bunny girlJicMmdfethdor
Lara's dildoGifdoozer?
Chloe's OnlyFans (Amber)ManorErisCherryMouseST (art)
Lineage dark elf BJCheka_artCheka_art
Panam reflectionsLoliGaggerrLoliGaggerr
Yennifer enjoys her wineBaronStrapBaronStrap
Shygal getting dickedPellenorPellenor
Wonderwoman X Lara CroftAmazonium3Dfethdor
Wonderwoman X Batmangamingarziafethdor
Hisako titfucksmutworkssmutworks
Rey BJLoliGaggerrLoliGaggerr
Fetch Quest (Lillith, Pet)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Wonderwoman X Jill ValentineAmazonium3Dfethdor
Korra getting poundedjustausernamejustausername
Femshep bicycleITAlessioITAlessio
Wonderwoman fuckAmazonium3Dfethdor
Viper reverse cowgirl analVekkteVekkte
Wonderwoman titjobAmazonium3Dfethdor
Mira analHazard3OOOfethdor
Life is Strange 3some (Chloe)LoliGaggerDickMagusVO
Corrupted Salemirtehepic1fethdor
SweetieBelle's Christmas (Cheerilee)HentypeHentype
Bunnygirl SalemJic Jicfethdor
Zdrada's challengeInneophyteInneophyte
Futa Bree the BeePoxygonPoxygon

Animations (prev.)

TitleAnimation/RenderSound edit
Futa poison on femaleXalasfethdor
Green Lady PaizuriStarPeaceArtfethdor
Futa Triss (preview)DesireSFMDesireSFM
Chloe Spreading itOnusmanNSFWAudioDude
Chloe chillingLoliGaggerrLoliGaggerr
Renamon's PlaytimewaeverstanVRAnimeTed
Lewd Virus (Yuna)Nyakumifethdor
Uncharted: Legacy of LustKamaDevaSFMKamaDevaSFM
Salem exhibitionismJic Jicfethdor
Tifa rough DPNagoonimationNagoonimation
Mercy cardioITAlessioITAlessio
Daemon Girl BJGifdoozerGifdoozer
Luna snap!HentypeHentype
Jungle Ruins (Lara)NagoonimationNagoonimation
MGS - Skull soldierKamadevaKamadeva
Halloween SalemJic Jicfethdor
Second Night in HeavenZer0_3DZer0_3D
Happy Halloween (Widowmaker)BaronStrapBaronStrap
Lewd Captain (Yuna)Nyakumifethdor
Nico RidesFUGTRUPAudiodude
Pandemonica ridesjolo_samaImJustThatKinky
Widowmaker Maid ServiceNagoonimationNagoonimation
Glynda ridingJic Jicfethdor
Widowmaker in a bindGifdoozervranimeted
Teasing ViperNagoonimationMidnightDatura
Widowmaker X ReaperITAlessioITAlessio
Datura caught a saplingPellenorPellenor
Widowmaker X TracerGifdoozerGifdoozer
Volleybots (Nozomi)UncommonwealthUncommonwealth
Serath cowgirlleetTRONAudiodude
Link's Fantasy (Urbosa)neroupiineroupii
Homewrecker (Gothel)SFMDHSFMDH
Futa Angel Night (FR)PellenorSFMPellenorSFM
Girls Day OutZER0_3DZER0_3D
Night Elves Like it RoughNagoonimationNagoonimation
Lady of the Woods 2 (Lulu)SFMDHSFMDH
Eralassa's Tavern NightRopeboundArtAudiodude
Lulu Beach RideBayern3DAudiodude
Sexy Ninja Romance 3 (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Femdom/Electrostim VR sceneCITOR3CITOR3
Ultimecia ProneboneLazyprocrastinatorAudiodude
Pandemonica vs energy drinkKrekkov (art)ImJustThatKinky (edit)
Unchartered territoryOnusmanNSFWAudioDude
Devilish Desires (Laranja)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Salem in the rainJicJicFethdor
In the shower 2 (Zarya, Pharah)FUGTRUPFUGTRUP
Urbosa and Link (Urbosa)FUGTRUPFUGTRUP
Tail ticklesBaronStrapBaronStrap
Potion Mishaps (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Hotel Party (Audio story ENG/FR)ManorStories (Script)ManorStories
Cold marble floor (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Main chat?!UncommonwealthUncommonwealth
Nozomi quality testingUncommonwealthUncommonwealth
Ana on the beachCawneilCawneil
In the shower (Zarya, Pharah)FUGTRUPFUGTRUP
Spider Web (the Beast)TBruinsmaFilmsAmeAfterDark
Demon centaurNeroupiNeroupi
Helena DOAOnagiHanzoOnagiHanzo
How to train your demon (Lillith, Laranja)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Amy's Big Wish "Doe Dick" (Ms Redding)AgentRedGirlAgentRedGirl
Shinra company retreatOnusmanNSFWAudiodude
Jill tickled (Umbrella scientist)BaronStrapBaronStrap
Ja'hi and her Nord escortSexusfastisSexusfastis
Self-isolation with WidowmakerXordel3dAudiodude
Mandalorian chapter 1.5 (Twi'lek)Chimera46Chimera46
Corruption of the Lodge 3 (Philippa)DesireSFMDesireSFM
Gerudo Bar (bg characters + sfx)nodusfmnodusfm
Blue haired girl ridingSwordSaintSwordSaint
Succubus dominates Elf (Succubus)BaronStrapBaronStrap
Sex Slave Novella (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Nice Sex with WidowmakerOnusmanNSFWAudiodude
Lust is Liberty (Sonja)D3MONONE (art)datshadycorner (video)
After the gym (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Iris's Post Round PunishmentGifdoozervranimeted
Night of the Living Futa (Tahlia)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Beach (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Late night rest (Laranja)Zer0_3DZer0_3D
Succubus and demon loveGifdoozerGifdoozer
Midnight Snack (Lillith)ZER0_3DZER0_3D
Ciri and Triss - threesome (Triss)DesireRealityDesireReality
Ruby's Workout WarmupGifdoozervranimeted